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Om Malik on What is User Experience

January 16, 2013

Om Malik on What is User Experience

Om discusses the difference between flying on Virgin and American airlines, and how all of your touch points impact your customer, and your brand. 

Perfect pixels or rounded edges, cool graphics, are only a modest beginning to perfecting a user/customer experience, not the end. 



January 16, 2013

The ‘Climate Change Debate’ Is Science Versus Snake Oil



Palo Alto

June 2, 2012

La Familia jaunted to PA on the CalTrain this afternoon.  The little one, Jason is obsessed with Trains.. of all sorts and cars of the high performance kind.

PA breathes of promise, opportunity, optimism.  Whether students homeworking, entrepreneurs pitching and riposting with investors, professors discussing and debating research..  the town tingles and reflects an unquenchable pulse of unrelenting ‘what’s obtainable’…. it’s infectious, it’s permeable, pouring through every square inch of the pavement and all of the airspace from ground level to the stratosphere.

If your quest is ‘inspiration’, you might gander in PA and converse… collaborate and breath deep..

– kurt.

Hello World – Reprise

May 29, 2012

Testing again.. nite all

Problems with Westin Casuarina Hotel

October 7, 2009

ordered rooms online with Westin, a good competitive rate, slightly off the strip.  At check out, Westin adds fees, even though online price was guaranteed, full price no additional fees.  Hotel staff begins pointing at signs and hand waves unconvincingly.

Westin (actually the hotel is owned by someone else) games the system, by offering a lower rate than other hotels, and they add additional charges: hotel services fees, hotel service fee tax essentially negating their rate advantage.  In the end, i paid and no customer satisfaction is provided.

I’ll skip them in the future and recommend others to do likewise.

Mars yearning

October 30, 2005

the red planet leans over at earth, and winks through earth atmosphere, only 43.1 Million miles closer than she’ll be til 2018… groovy man

the red planet

Hello world!

October 30, 2005

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